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COSCO SHIPPING Holdings, aiming at the positioning of "a global digital supply chain operation and investment platform with container shipping as the core", has been continuously improving its integrated operation capacity of "container shipping + ports + related logistics", and striving to provide customers with digital full-process supply chain services.

On October 25, 2022, the four service channels of SynCon Hub client, COSCO SHIPPING Holdings' e-commerce platform, were comprehensively optimized and upgraded to four product segments including sea transportation, land transportation, customs clearance and warehouse distribution, marking the official launch of COSCO SHIPPING Holdings' digital supply chain service on SynCon Hub.


SynCon Hub's digital supply chain products are characterized by the following four features:


One is to create a full chain of products. After this upgrade, SynCon Hub will not only further strengthen the main product of container shipping, but also carry out special operation of the two extended Marine services of land transportation and customs clearance. For the first time, SynCon Hub is piloting warehouse delivery products, enabling SynCon Hub to provide full end-to-end service to e-commerce customers.


Second, the whole process is visible. On the one hand, order, booking, documents, invoices and other specific business operation process can be mastered at any time and anywhere; On the other hand, the SynconHub platform enables dynamic real-time tracking of cargo around the world, whether at sea or inland, where the location and status of cargo can be clearly displayed on the platform.


Third, intelligent customer service. AI intelligent customer service can not only provide customers with 7*24 hours online answer service, professionally solve a large number of repetitive and tedious problems, greatly improve the service quality and customer experience, but also through the continuous upgrade of self-learning professional service solutions, to help customers solve difficulties, and provide more differentiated and personalized services.


Fourth, a one-stop platform. Through diversified product portfolio and digital enablement, the company provides customers with one-stop supply chain logistics solutions. It not only provides customers with a more concise interface, but also provides customers with more product portfolio options to meet different needs. Customers can not only choose to enjoy the whole process online services including railway and trailer with Marine transportation as the core, but also choose different special services according to their own needs, so as to realize the personalized free combination of products.


Since 2023, SynCon Hub, an e-commerce platform, has successively launched digital supply chain portfolio products such as "Talent Pegasus+" and "HiAmerica Delivery" to meet customer needs in different industries and different freight flow directions.




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