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COSCO SHIPPING Holdings Releases Three New Digital Supply Chain Products and Two Major Industry Solutions

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COSCO SHIPPING Holdings unveiled three new digital supply chain products and two industry solutions at the 2024 Global Supply Chain Partner Summit on June 26, 2024. The release of these digital supply chain products and solutions, based on the company’s supply chain resources accumulated over years and its keen insights into customer needs, further demonstrates COSCO SHIPPING Holdings' relentless drive for innovation.

The three new products, namely "Customer-Defined Services" "Talent Thomas " and " Global Talent Pegasus " are standardized and universally applicable.

"Customer-Defined Services" is hailed as the  "Dynamic Packaging" innovation in the shipping industry. Unlike the standardized pre-packaged combination products developed by the company in recent years, " Customer-Defined Services" is characterized by empowering the customers with the right of "combination" of each supply chain service segment. This approach grants customers unprecedented freedom and flexibility in selecting service contents. "Customer-Defined Services", as a bold innovation in response to the traditional shipping service model, highlights COSCO SHIPPING Holdings' unwavering commitment to customer-centered business philosophy.

"Talent Thomas" incorporates railway resources into the entire supply chain, enabling seamless transitions and integration between river, sea, road, and rail transport modes. Different from simple multimodal transportation, "Talent Thomas" facilitates the experience of fast logistics services and presents three key highlights: First, it offers rapid transshipment with a guarantee of "compensation for delay", promising customers that once an order is placed, rapid transshipment service will be provided, and compensation will be directly given for any failed promise. Second, it ensures "on-time delivery" of fixed train services, allowing the customers be rest assured by offering services with fixed locations, routes, train numbers, schedules, and prices. Third, it offers flexible shipping with "container reservation," which involves allocating resources based on customer needs to eliminate the need for customers to wait for container allocation. So far,"Talent Thomas"  has expanded from the inaugural route of Hefei to Shanghai to encompass multiple sea-rail routes such as Piraeus to Central Europe and Valencia to other places in Spain. In the future, it will be further promoted to cover the global market.

‘’Global Talent Pegasus " represents COSCO SHIPPING Holdings' shift beyond the "local China" mindset, adopting a global perspective. It is a combination product, of which both the origin and destination are overseas. The product consists of services such as origin country trucking, customs clearance, sea freight, and additional services. After a ‘’Global Talent Pegasus " product order is placed, COSCO SHIPPING Holdings' local delivery team will arrange end-to-end logistics according to the plan. The corresponding customer can easily track logistics status through the "My Order" menu, truly making global logistics easier, global transactions more convenient, and global deliveries smoother.

Moreover, COSCO SHIPPING Holdings focuses on new business formats and the  "three new industries" (referring to EVs, li-ion batteries and solar panels)". At the conference, in addition to the three standardized products, it has also released two major industry solutions: the automobile whole vehicle export industry solution, and the cross-border e-commerce industry logistics solution. At this Global Supply Chain Partners Conference, COSCO SHIPPING Holdings stated that the release of three new products and two solutions not only upholds the company's new value concept of "digital intelligence and green development" but also continues to advance its effort in innovation and iteration of full-chain products and solutions. It also embodies the company's commitment to an "open and shared" collaborative attitude, joining hands with global supply chain partners to jointly excel in customer value innovation.

In the future, COSCO SHIPPING Holdings will focus on its positioning as a "global digital supply chain operation and investment platform with core on container shipping”. The company will actively promote innovations in supply chain ecosystem, intelligent interconnected ecosystem, and green low-carbon ecosystem. With an aim to build a world-class shipping technology enterprise, the company will provide customers with digital end-to-end supply chain services, and collaborate with global partners to jointly create a "win-win chain" featuring innovative development.

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