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COSCO SHIPPING Holdings Launches “Smart Supply Chain, Shared Green Future” Initiative

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At the 2024 Global Supply Chain Partner Summit held on June 26, 2024, COSCO SHIPPING Holdings, along with all attendees, launched an initiative to upstream and downstream partners in the global supply chain, which include the following four key points:

1. Adopt novel technologies of Digital Intelligence. Forge a refreshed ecosystem within the industry chain by harnessing the power of AI, big data, cloud technology, and blockchain. Investigate innovative catalysts for the value chain, and cultivate new paradigms within the global supply chain that prioritize efficiency and customer experience. Dedicate these new forms of productivity to the evolving international trade and shipping.

2. Vie for leadership in the Green Development, by taking on the mantle of environmental stewardship with a commitment to low-carbon practices and the reduction of energy consumption and emissions. With a profound sense of duty, we advance the ideals of sustainable green development and bolster our efforts in ESG governance. Intensify our investment in clean energy innovation, eco-friendly technology, fleet decarbonization, and “green corridors” establishment, taking our part in fulfilling the global ambition of net-zero emissions.

3. Broaden the horizons of Open Collaboration. With the goal of swiftly establishing an all-encompassing, interconnected industrial and supply network, we will stimulate collective engagement across the chain to foster synergy, unlock potential, and create an open platform that catalyzes industrial clustering, cooperative convergence, and seamless connectivity, thereby laying a solid foundation for the enhanced evolution of the global industry, supply, and value chains.

4. Capitalize on the principle of joint contribution for shared benefits, by maximizing the resource endowments of all participants in the supply chain, and by synergizing efforts in infrastructure linkage, trade cooperation, and financial liquidity. We call for enduring alliances that resonate with industry influence and possess the power to rally the sector, therefore enabling us to lead in value creation, curtailing the overall logistics expenses, fortifying the adaptability of supply chain services, and ensuring that all stakeholders in this collaborative venture harvest the fruits of development in full and equal measure.

All parties jointly propose to embrace the new revolution in digital technologies and the shift towards a green, low-carbon economy. We aim for the full enhancement of the global industrial, supply, and value chains. We seek to strengthen our mutual understanding, broaden our collaborative efforts, and work together to forge an ecosystem of digital intelligence, sustainability, openness, inclusiveness, and safety.

The launch of the initiative highlights the strong consensus among all participants to further deepen cooperation in promoting digital supply chain construction and green sustainable development. It demonstrates the collective effort and commitment of all parties to advance new quality productive forces, fulfill social responsibilities, and contribute to economic and social prosperity.

Looking ahead, COSCO SHIPPING Holdings will continue to focus on its positioning as a "global digital supply chain operation and investment platform with core on container shipping". The company will actively promote innovations in the supply chain ecosystem, intelligent interconnected ecosystem, and green low-carbon ecosystem. Together with all our partners, we will embrace change, pursue transformation, and collaboratively build an innovative, coordinated, green, and shared supply chain ecosystem, striving towards a brighter future together.


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