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"COSCO SHIPPING BRAZIL" First Voyage to the Port of Paranagua, Brazil

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March 18 local time in Brazil


COSCO SHIPPING's Latin America's largest new generation of extreme container ship " COSCO SHIPPING BRAZIL " first voyage to Brazil ceremony, held in the port of Paranagua, Brazil. After the first voyage of the " COSCO SHIPPING BRAZIL ", it has brought more than 50% of the cabin growth and upgrade to the Brazil/Far East route, which will further enhance the import and export convenience of Brazil and the east coast countries of South America.


The ceremony is also one of the supporting activities for the 50th anniversary of the establishment of China-Pakistan diplomatic relations, which fully reflects the great importance of China and Pakistan to the important role of shipping logistics enterprises represented by COSCO SHIPPING Group in facilitating China-Pakistan trade exchanges.



With a total of 14,100 TEU, including 2,100 cold box plugs, it is currently the largest new generation Latin American extreme container ship to dock in South America. The upgrade of shipping space, especially the increase of cold container space, will better guarantee the import and export of fresh goods, greatly promote the construction of China-Pakistan trade corridor, inject new vitality into China-Pakistan trade exchanges, and benefit the two peoples.

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